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Hand Painted Nesting Doll Set - Reno 911!

Since 2012 artist Irene Hwang has been painting her signature nesting dolls sets for Pygmy Hippo, always making sure to include the tiniest of details for every characters she brings to life!

This set of 7 nesting dolls pays tribute to the cast of Reno 911! and features (from big to small), Lt. Jim Dangle, Deputy Jones, Deputy Raineesha Williams, Deputy Clementine Johnson, Deputy Trudy Wiegel, Deputy James Garcia, and a teeny   Deputy Travis Junior.

• Set of 7 one-of-a-kind hand painted dolls 
• Main doll is signed and dated by Irene Hwang 
• Largest Doll Measurements 7" - Smallest 1"

$ 200.00