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Vintage Flirty Lady Ashtray

These rare Vintage Flirty Lady Ashtrays feature a pretty pinup girl lounging on a bed fanning herself, while her legs rock back and forth!

The ashtray portion can be found at the base of the bed and features two divots for your incense, joint, or cigarette, so that when the smoke wafts up, it will help create movement in her legs and fan.

PLEASE NOTE: The ashtray you receive may not be the exact one shown here; This is a dead-stock vintage item, meaning there is more then one available, and all "flaws" should be considered part of it's character. 

• Vintage c.1950
• Measures 2.5"W x 5.5"L x 2.75"H (Leg stands 5" tall)
• Fan and Leg are removable for easy cleaning and adjusting