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Vintage Smoking Donkey Ashtray

Dressed up in a pink hat with a satchel in one hand and a pipe in it's mouth, this Vintage Smoking Donkey Ashtray holds a fun little secret: when you place your joint in it's base, the smoke wafts up and out though the pipe, making it look like the donkey is really smoking!

This incredible relic is in near perfect condition, showing natural wear that is to be expected from a 70+ year old piece; See photos for details. 

• Vintage 1940's Ceramic
• Measures 7" x 3.5" x 2.5"
22kt Gold Hand Painted Accents
• Original - One-of-a-Kind - Made in Japan

PLEASE NOTE: The ashtray you receive may not be the exact one shown here. This is a dead-stock vintage item and all "flaws" should be considered part of it's character.

$ 148.00