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How To Become President - Vintage 1940's First Edition

Gracie Allen was America's biggest female radio star in the 1930s, and in 1940 she and her husband/comedy partner, George Burns, came up with a publicity stunt for their show — Gracie would pretend to run for President of the United States!

Promoting herself as the candidate running on the "Surprise Party" ticket (because her mother was a Democrat, her father a Republican, and she had been born a surprise), Gracie made numerous speeches in her trademark ditsy style, toured the country with campaign stops and radio appearances, wrote newspaper articles about politics, and even produced a little hardcover book, How to Become President.

This is a very rare and hard to find first edition of Gracie's tongue-in-cheek advice on How to Become President, and features 96 pages of 1940's sarcasm and satire.

Please Note: while the dust jacket shows considerable wear and tear, the inside of this book is in near mint condition, with only slight discoloration showing on the inside of the first page, as well as a pencil inscription featuring the original owners name in cursive; There are no other markings or damages to the interior of this 80 year old book.

• Rare First Edition! 
• Vintage c.1940 ~ 96 Pages 
• Measures 5"x 7.5" - Hardcover with original dust jacket

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