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I Pity the Dolls: The Largest Collection of Mr. T Memorabilia in the World,

Greg Rivera has loved Mr. T since he was kid. Now as a big kid, he has amassed the largest collection of Mr. T memorabilia in the world, ranging from action figures and accessories to air fresheners and sleeping bags. 

This book showcases Greg's massive collection, including over 150 homemade soft sculpture dolls collected and documented over the past 25 years. The dolls were made from a 1983 pattern book by Miss Martha Originals, that was sold all over the country and allowed anyone to make the custom doll at home!

Inspired by the Cabbage Patch Kid craze of the 1980s, each home-made Mr. T doll is a labor of love that represents the skill level of every artisan. As modern-day folk art, they have been recognized as such by the American Folk Art Museum in NYC, and they have toured the world in art exhibitions, including in NYC, San Francisco, Toronto, and Paris, France.

There's no way to know how many of these dolls exist in circulation, but what we do know is that Greg has collected over 200 of them.

• Measures 8 x10"
• Hardcover 224 Pages

$ 35.00