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In The Back Pocket - Vintage German Instructional Booklets

With stunning graphics and bold color covers, these ultra rare German Pocket Books entitles "In The Back Pocket..." date back to the 1920's and feature a variety of how-to games and guides.

Each pocket-sized book is filled with German text and simple graphics, all in black ink; See available issues listed and pictured below:

  • Hourglass on Orange- Zodiac calendar information
  • Birds on Black - No translation
  • Clowns on Blue - "Funny Puzzle Collection"
  • Nuts on Green - "Puzzle Tasks & Games"
  • Pigs on Black - "Learn to Play"
  • Blindfolded on Peach - "Fun Games in your pocket"
  • Magician on Yellow - "The Little "Bellachine" "

• Vintage 1920's
• Printed in Germany
• Black Text Only on Inside
• Page Count & Measurements Coming Soon