Members Club: Users Guide to the Penis

Members Club: Users Guide to the Penis

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Half of the world's population has one; the other half sometimes comes into contact with it, and yet a great deal of ignorance exists regarding the penis. Join celebrated professor of urology Piet Hoebeke, one of the world's leading experts in his field, as he sets out to clarify the mysteries of the male reproductive organ.

Professor Hoebeke draws on his years of experience to address the key questions, such as: What is the ideal penis? What's the best technique for taking a pee? Why is an erection that lasts 24 hours a bad thing? And, of course: What to do when your foreskin gets stuck between the zipper of your trousers?

Other areas covered include: the evolution of the penis, size, deviations, sexual health, the disturbed relationship between the man and his penis, sperm production, and the art of good penis maintenance. Members Club is the no-nonsense guide every penis user needs.

• Adults 18+ Only
• 176 Pages 
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About The Author:

Professor Piet Hoebeke is a urologist at Ghent University Hospital, Belgium. He did not immediately know that he wanted to specialise in urology, but that turned out to be the perfect specialisation for him, as urology requires you to be both a great surgeon and a great person. And that is Professor Hoebeke. Bringing an operation to a successful conclusion is difficult, but so is entering into conversation with men who are plagued by insecurity, with men who do not feel male, or women who do. Professor Hoebeke is not only an authority in the field of surgery, but also an important voice in the debate about gender fluidity in an often rigid society.