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  • Party of One - Solo Guide to New York

Party of One - Solo Guide to New York

You need never be lonely in Manhattan! At any time of day or night there are diversions and distractions. Alone one can move at any pace – race through a gallery, read a novel in the park, make friends at a lunch counter, spend an afternoon at the cinema, or an entire day bargain shopping.

This guide includes 30 entries divided into sections to help find the experience you want: to blend into a crowd, chat with strangers, spoil yourself, or just enjoy your own company. It’s New York after all: anything goes.

Designed by Tom Froese
Litho-printed in England on recycled paper
• Measures A6 Folded (4.25x6.5) to A3 Open (11.75 x 16.5)

$ 10.00