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Vintage 1940's Bakelite View Master
Vintage 1940's Bakelite View Master
Vintage 1940's Bakelite View Master

Vintage 1940's Bakelite View Master

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First invented in 1939 to view travel and tourist memories in 3D, our collection of Bakelite View-Masters were manufactured during the 1940's and are in beautiful working condition, showing minimal signs of use for their age.

As a bonus, you can shop our collection of vintage View Master reels here.

• Vintage c.1940
• Can be used with all (vintage and modern) reels
PLEASE NOTE: The viewer you receive will not be the exact one shown here; This is a vintage item over 70 years old, and all "flaws" should be considered part of it's character. 


What is Bakelite?

In 1901 chemist Leo Baekeland created the first entirely synthetic plastic called Bakelite, which revolutionized the way consumer goods were manufactured with it's sleek lightweight nature and durable luxurious feel.
Bakelite ushered in a new era of consumer goods that did not exist before, from jewelry and home decor to telephones and auto parts, making it possible for a wide range of buyers to own products that had been previously inaccessible.
After the 1950's, a large variety of synthetic plastics crashed the marketplace pushing Bakelite out in almost all uses, but today original Bakelite goods are highly collectable, holding an important place in the history of plastics as the first truly modern plastic, one that people prized for its beauty, versatility, and durability. For more information on Bakelite, click here.