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Vintage 1950's Mystic Eye - The Great Psychometry Pendulum Game

Truth Finder, Lucky Numbers, Self Analysis, Psychometer, Lucky Month, Past, Present, and Future (predictor)...

Unlike the classic Ouija board with its seance vibes, the Mystic Eye Game works between the weighted pendulum and the participants mind, rather than supernatural sources.

This rare 1950's edition comes complete with instructions (printed on the reverse of the box lid), its original silver metal pendulum, and the board game base itself which features a cloudy looming eye in the center, which promises to unlock all the answers you can think of with the swinging of pendulum!

• Vintage 1950's Original Game
• Game Measures Approx. 10" x 10" x 1"
• Pendulum Measures Approx. 1.75" and Hangs Off a 15" Cord

$ 66.00