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Los Angeles Map Tea Towel

Soft, big and absorbent, these 100% cotton linens feature a souvenir map of LA from the 1940's and are perfect for hanging on your wall, using as a rag, or even wrapping up your hair!

• 100% Cotton
• Measures approx. 22" x 22" 
• Machine Washable - Good For Daily Use
• Pre-Washed/Colorfast (expect small amount of shrinkage) 

FUN FACT: Maps of LA pre-1950's are especially cool because they feature landmarks and attractions before the theme-parkification of Southern California, so you won't see Disneyland or Universal on these beauties, but instead a mix of everything from the Hollywood Bowl, the Mission of San Juan Capistrano, the Tournament of Roses, and the Santa Anita Race Track.

$ 18.00