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Opal Jewel Beetle Earrings
Opal Jewel Beetle Earrings

Opal Jewel Beetle Earrings

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Framed in sterling silver between two pieces of glass, these genuine butterfly wings are natures works of art!

Made from the wings of Blue Morpho Butterflies (Morpho menelaus), no two pairs of these earrings will ever be alike, with some color variations occurring in nature.

About this product Sterling silver earrings featuring the natural wing casings from Sternocera aequisignata beetles, and opal accent stones. Size: 23mm x 10mm x 6mm (1.5" including earwire) (+.5 earwire) Material: emerald beetle wing, opal, sterling silver

• Measures 1" x .75"
• Sterling Silver Ear Hooks
• One of a kind - No two are ever alike